Business Success Story: Alfred’s Boutique

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Alfred started his small clothing shop business two years ago. He put up the shop in his hometown and he ventured into the business because he saw how people of all ages loved to shop.

He first noticed this with his mom and sister. When it comes to shopping, his mom and sister somehow transform into twins and get along so well that his sister would come home with bags and bags of clothes, jewelries, shoes and everything else you could possible think of. They always have shopping escapades together. When Alfred would tell them to slow down on the buying because the house might no longer be enough for all the clothes and shoes and blankets they buy, they would just end up saying that they still don’t have enough of everything.

Being the business-minded lad that he was, he worked on putting up a small shop. He was also a very cautious man that was why he took his time in planning everything first before setting it in motion. He hired only from the best and he made sure he covered all safety measures while still ensuring the aesthetic appeal of his shop. It may be a small shop but it was a very well-funded shop because he knows that the business will go a long way, given how people never get tired of shopping for things that they already have.

Two years into the business and he was really hitting the sales. Now, he plans to expand the business. On his process of planning for the expansion, he included the inspection of the current state of the shop.

He inspected the areas that needs to be renovated and the areas that need a new look. He also expanded the items he was selling, and so he created a story within his store. Different parts of the shop showcase a different item, following a different theme or story. However, all the pieces/areas put together, still create a whole story. It was the story of how he found peace and beauty through the clothes and other products he sells. It was also telling people that his shop caters to all types of people, and he can provide everyone with whatever they desire, because he can connect with them.

Like any other diligent shop owner, he always provides time for his shop. He does not let a day pass without staying at the shop for hours and seeing to it that customers are well taken care of by his personnel. He also engages in chats with his customers, so he can continuously gain ideas on what to improve and what to take away. This is a management skill that some business people fail to see. It is rarely acknowledged by other business owners as an important aspect of business. However, they are very wrong. Because constant communication with the clients will always bring surprises that could blossom into ideas in the future. And when those ideas become a hit, they turn into profit, which one of the many reasons why you put up a business in the first place.