The World of Paid Online Surveys

One of the many benefits that the internet has provided this generation is its ability to make a faster, easier and cheaper connection between companies and businesses with their target markets and audience. Part of the growing market strategy that companies utilize via the web is the production and dissemination of paid online surveys.

If you have a business, you can check out these sites and learn how they market through online surveys, so that you could also do a small scale version for your business. Not only will this help you in your marketing, but it will also let you see and analyze how far you have become, in the eyes of the consumers.

If you are someone trying to earn more cash during spare time, you can check out the sites and use their online surveys to earn a little.

To help you start on the right track in finding legitimate survey sites that actually pays, here is a list of reliable survey sites and a few tips on how to course through them without worries.


SurveySavvy is managed by Luth Research and is a continuously growing survey site since 1999. It is on the top of the popularity chart when it comes to survey sites.

Typical registration applies; you provide an e-mail address and once verified, you are asked to complete a member’s portfolio. Filling out the portfolio sets you on their demographic charts, enabling them to send you the surveys that fit your qualities and interest. This is done so that the site can e-mail you of surveys where you highly qualify, because you cannot be qualified for all surveys, and providing fraudulent information will only ban you from the survey site.

Survey Savvy surveys average about 20-25minutes answering time. But this should not worry you since the longer the survey is, the bigger the payment. Surveys here range from $1-$50.

What sets SurveySavvy apart from other paid surveys online is that they have the best referral program. Through this, you not only get paid for answering surveys, you also get paid when your referrals and the referrals of your referrals, complete a survey. 15% of what your referral is paid for is also paid to you when they complete surveys. If you are resourceful in recruiting others to join the survey site, you get to create a way to generate what one could call a passive income. Even when you could not find time to answer surveys yourself, your recruits, especially when they become plenty, can make you earn as well. For this to work, SurveySavvy provides you a personalized link to the site which you can post in social media sites or e-mail to friends. When a person registers using the link you posted, they will be marked as your referral and all their transactions will benefit you.

SurveySavvy pays cash to its participants. Each survey is directly equivalent to a certain amount of cash, in dollars. The only downside this survey site has is that it pays through check by mail. Hence, it takes longer periods for your payments to arrive via mail. But if your cashing out a sizable amount, then your patience can be very well rewarded.


This survey site is operated by Global Market Insite, Inc., now owned by Lightspeed Research. It has a pane base of approximately 5.5 million members all around the globe. For every survey completion, participants are awarded MarketPoints, which are redeemable by cash.

You will have to reach 1000 MarketPoints minimum, in order to cash out equivalent to $50. Each survey is worth from $5 up to $75, depending on the length and product of the survey. They offer surveys including but not limited to information about restaurants, movies, food products, and even current events.

GlobalTestMarket also has a referral system. But what GlobalTestMarket values most is loyalty. Members who frequently log in to the site and answer surveys will earn higher MarketPoints. This of course starts to dwindle down when you minimize visiting the site and answering surveys.

Initially, they pay through check by mail; however, they just recently allowed PayPal payments, encouraging more participants to join in.

Of course, you cannot handle all these business if you do not have the right Internet connection to support the kind of data traffic that online surveys will need, especially if you are someone planning to use it to market your own business. Aside from investing in an online survey page, you also have to invest in a good PBX system. Avail your services from reputable providers and you will not find this a problem at all. I am using AT&T for this, because every cent I spend on their service, profits me dollars with my business, so you should try their services, too.